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Advanced Carbon Fiber Structures

Endless Applications for Many Industries
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High Performance & Advanced Manufacturing Process

Carbon fiber tubing capable of large diameters and extremely long lengths

After 20 years in the marine industry as well as serving customers from Aerospace to Performing Arts, Forte is consistently dedicated to superior products and service. We don’t build “stock” tubes – we tailor to each application and guide the customer to the most appropriate laminate design and manufacturing process. It’s a simple process, and we’ve perfected the delivery.

  • Strong & Reliable

    Our highly skilled and dedicated staff combined with advance manufacturing processes results in the strongest and most reliable products possible.

  • Advanced Technology

    we have 5 dedicated manufacturing lines offering a wide variety of capabilities that other companies don’t have.

  • Best Possible Results

    We build the right carbon fiber tube for the job the first time. Our process is proven to get the best outcome.

  • Varied Applications

    Though we started in the marine industry, we cater to all industries. Specialized custom products are the norm here.

Marine Applications

From Masts and Booms to Whisker Poles and Sprits, carbon fiber marine products are our heart and soul.

Carbon Fiber Tubing

For industrial, aerospace, military, or any other application, we have technology to handle anything.

Flat Sheet

We build flat carbon fiber sheets for specific applications, from 20″ to 50″ in size.

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What they’re saying

The carbon fiber tubing we use in the Mosquito Air Helicopter has proven to be very reliable and strong. Forte offers a good product at a very reasonable price.

John Uptigrove - Innovator Technologies

Before and during the 2002/2003 Around Alone race, we broke every type and every brand of sail batten you can imagine. This is one thing about Ocean Planet’s unstayed (freestanding) mast, that it is very tough on battens. However, for the end of the Around Alone and for the Vendee, we are using custom braided S-glass/carbon fiber battens by Forte… Forte battens are incredible, and it is so nice not to have to worry about battens anymore.

Bruce Schwab - Skipper Ocean Planet

Thanks for the awesome new mast for Strummer. It’s made a huge difference; she’s a much better boat, definitely stiffer and faster. We took 2nd (Class IV) in this year’s (2007) Bermuda 1-2. Lots of days in the 25-30 knot range. No problems with the rig at all.

Louis Meyer Strummer — Hinkley Pilot

My Forte mast is fantastic. It is light and extremely strong… two gales in the Bay of Biscay and three flying gybes (thanks to autopilot malfunctions) with the spinnaker up, and each time it came through unscathed. ACADIA Once I gybed in 30 knots of wind 2 miles from the finish with a full main and broke one of the running backstays, so no backstays on downwind… no problems.

Clay Burkhalter - Team Acadia

Strong, light and fairly priced ~ a good value! That’s what our clients tell us about their Forte poles. And we appreciate having a reliable source of spinnaker poles to meet our clients’ expectations.

Lisa Vizzini - Port Townsend Rigging

I would like to thank you, Tony and all the crew at Forte for the great service and excellent product. As you know, we were without a supplier for a mast, spirit and spinnaker pole for the new Rocket, and your company was the only one with a “can do!!”attitude. Right from helping us to pick the correct mandrel, creating the laminate schedule, to helping us construct the first mast, you went beyond the call of duty. We were nervous that the mast would be too stiff, and had lots of “nay sayers”, but when we set the rig up and went for our first sail, it was just what we were looking for!! Keep up the great work!!

Alan Barnes - Rocket Boats