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  • Advanced Carbon FIber Structures

    The applications of carbon fiber is endless. From simple poles to more advanced free standing structures Forte can manufacture for many different industries and uses. Take a look at what can be done.
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  • Custom Sizes

    Get custom sized carbon fiber tubing, made to order and shipped to your door. Just a few simple steps and you are on your way!
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  • Custom Carbon Fiber Tubing

    Through advanced technology Forte has a very precise and well formulated process for their clients to get the most out of their Carbon Fiber Tubing.
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Custom Sizes and Sections
Shipping Available
Pick Your Own Size
Nesting and Non-Nesting Options Available
Find a size that works for your next project!

Nesting Sections »

A smaller tube fitting inside a larger tube. Different diameters and lengths available.

Non-Nesting Sections »

A variety of Carbon Fiber Tubing sections available. Check out what we have in stock!

Slip Fit Sizes »

Online Ordering Coming Soon! Please contact Forte Carbon directly for your order!