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"Thanks for the awesome new mast for Strummer. It's made a huge difference; she's a much better boat, definitely stiffer and faster. We took 2nd (Class IV) in this year's (2007) Bermuda 1-2. Lots of days in the 25-30 knot range. No problems with the rig at all. "
Louis Meyer Strummer — Hinkley Pilot 35
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JBoats Poles & Sprits

Welcome JBoat Owners!

Forte is proud to offer you aerospace quality, carbon fiber bow sprits and spinnaker poles, all class legal and J Boats certified.

Forte Is Durable and Tough

Tough, durable Forte products stand up to accidental mishaps, the worst weather conditions and the toughest competitive sailing races. Forte’s fully rigged sprits and poles are built using our proprietary 4-Axis Continuous Fiber Braided Technology. This technology was first developed for military applications requiring “super durability”; i.e., the ability to withstand local damage and to resist spread of damage. For example, military helicopter rotor blades are built using this technology and remain intact if shot with a bullet.


Traditional Spin Poles

Standard Finishes

All of our carbon spinnaker poles come standard with a black epoxy finish showing the carbon weave pattern. This is a grippy surface, which is great for pole handling. The epoxy finish will chalk and fade in the sunlight if it’s stored on deck without a cover. This is not so much a structural problem, but the pole won’t look as good after a couple of years. We offer an optional 2-part polyurethane paint system on any of our poles. This can be had in either clear, which shows off the carbon nicely, or any color of your choosing.



Standard end fittings are either Forespar end fittings or Selden end fittings, depending on the pole size. Harken, Sparcraft, Ronstan, or any other end fittings can be installed upon request. Also, it’s usually possible to reuse your existing end fittings.


Trip Lines

Trip lines for external trip style end fittings are typically tied together and run through the center point pick ring (when applicable). These can be run as two separate lines or with twing balls upon request.

Trip lines for trigger style end fittings (internal trip) exit through Harken sheaves on both ends of the pole for each end fitting. For example: a dip pole with one trigger end fitting on the outboard end will have a trip line exiting on the top of the pole approximately 18” from the outboard trigger end, and another trip line on the bottom of the pole 18” from the inboard end (near the mast). Poles with two trigger end fittings (one on each end) will have two trip line exits at each end of the pole. The top trip line will activate the end fitting at that end of the pole and the bottom trip line will activate the end fitting at the opposite end of the pole… got it? This is our standard way of rigging the pole, just let us know if you prefer something different.


Bow Sprits

Bow Sprits

Forte currently manufactures OEM sprits for new J/80, J/95, J/100, and J/105s. We also offer replacement sprits for all J/boats models. There have been various manufactures of the sprits over the years and each manufacturer may have had slightly different pole specs, so if you are in need of a replacement sprit, please get the spec’s from your existing pole so we can build you a new one of the same dimensions.