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"The Melges 17 is the latest addition to the Melges Performance Sailboats family of high performance, one design products. All 17 feet of this streamlined racer is geared for speed, from its supermodel profile to its 16 lb carbon fiber spar made by Forte. We demanded the toughest, most durable lightweight carbon fiber spar available for this guaranteed edge-of-your-seat racing boat. Forte exceeded our expectations in every way, from their top-shelf customer service and reasonable price to, most importantly, their superior product. "
Harry Melges, III - Melges Performance Sailboats
Mast Diagrams
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Mast Section Diagrams

Masts and Booms

Each drawing gives you section dimensions and the dimensional properties to help you select a mast or boom section. Forte is happy to help you pick the correct mast or boom section for your boat. Selection is based on:

  • Righting Moment
  • Safety Factors
  • Sailing Conditions

Click each section to view the diagrams

Tapered Top Round Spar Sections

R 1615

R 1740

R 1990

R 2240

R 2490

R 2740

R 3240

R 3780

R 4280

Wing Section Masts

W 2750

W 2990

W 5685

W 7280

Oval Section Masts & Booms

OV 2890

OV 3740

OV 4740

OV 7790

OV 8360

D Section Masts

D 4000

D 4740

D 5218

D 5887


SP 1373

SP 2115

SP 3240

SP 3740