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"The Melges 17 is the latest addition to the Melges Performance Sailboats family of high performance, one design products. All 17 feet of this streamlined racer is geared for speed, from its supermodel profile to its 16 lb carbon fiber spar made by Forte. We demanded the toughest, most durable lightweight carbon fiber spar available for this guaranteed edge-of-your-seat racing boat. Forte exceeded our expectations in every way, from their top-shelf customer service and reasonable price to, most importantly, their superior product. "
Harry Melges, III - Melges Performance Sailboats
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Custom Carbon Fiber Battens

Tough and Durable

Forte sail battens are designed for mono-hulls over 60′ in length and multi-hulls over 50′ (limited to larger boats due to the large section size and stiffness of the batten)

Proven Toughness and Durability

Using our bullet-proof, 4-Axis Continuous Fiber Braided Technology, Forte sail battens can handle the torsion associated with in-boom furling as well as stand up to the worst weather, accidental mishaps and the toughest sailing competitions.



Section Series

Forte sectional series of carbon fiber battens are oval in shape and built to a maximum section length of 19.5’ to facilitate shipping all over the world. Sections are jointed together with titanium splice pieces pre-drilled to be easily pinned together on location. There is no technical limit to the overall batten length, however, longer battens require a heavier laminate and may have sections of various laminate depending on the stiffness requirements. Inboard end fittings are machined from titanium to fit into your batten receptacles. Outboard end fittings are custom machined Delrin end plugs with a hole, designed to accommodate either a strap over the end fitting or a line through the end fitting.



One Piece

Forte can design and build a custom set of single piece tapered section and tapered laminate battens. These battens are built on round tapered mandrels and can be from .5” ID up to 1.5” ID in single piece lengths up to 50’. Unfortunately, shipping challenges has made these battens almost extinct, but if you happen to have a project in the United States a single piece batten is a great option.



Ordering Forte Sail Battens

We work directly with your sail maker to design and engineer a custom set of battens for your yacht. In most cases you would order our sail battens directly from your sail maker. You are more than welcome to contact us directly if you prefer, or have your sail maker contact us if they have not worked with us before.