Marine Applications

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"The Melges 17 is the latest addition to the Melges Performance Sailboats family of high performance, one design products. All 17 feet of this streamlined racer is geared for speed, from its supermodel profile to its 16 lb carbon fiber spar made by Forte. We demanded the toughest, most durable lightweight carbon fiber spar available for this guaranteed edge-of-your-seat racing boat. Forte exceeded our expectations in every way, from their top-shelf customer service and reasonable price to, most importantly, their superior product. "
Harry Melges, III - Melges Performance Sailboats
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Marine Applications

Forte Carbon Fiber Tubing On The Water

Masts and Booms

Our heart and soul. Forte was founded with a love for sailing and the products that make sailing more enjoyable. From carbon fiber masts and spinnaker poles to custom mega yacht battens… We are sailors, and our goal is to build the best sailing products possible!
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Whisker Poles

Rigged with one of the slickest single line control systems we have ever seen, Forte’s telescoping carbon fiber whisker poles are light and easy to use.
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Spinnaker Poles

Forte carbon spinnaker poles are built light and tough! These poles are specifically engineered to withstand the bending loads of the center point pick.
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Bow Poles and Sprits

The easy-to-install Forte Carbon Sprit Kit includes everything you need: a beautiful clear painted carbon fiber sprit, your choice of easy-to-mount deck hardware and a robust outboard end fitting.
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JBoats Poles and Sprits

Forte is proud to offer you aerospace quality, carbon fiber bow sprits and spinnaker poles, all class legal and J Boats certified. Tough, durable Forte products stand up to accidental mishaps, the worst weather conditions and the toughest competitive sailing races.
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Using our bullet-proof, 4-Axis Continuous Fiber Braided Technology, Forte sail battens can handle the torsion associated with in-boom furling as well as stand up to the worst weather, accidental mishaps and the toughest sailing competitions.
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Push Poles

The all-carbon Forte push pole is built using our proprietary 4-Axis Braiding Technology, making it stiffer and more durable than other push poles available.
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Built in the USA, in partnership with Lee’s Tackle, our carbon fiber outriggers outperform aluminum outriggers hands down!
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Other Marine Products

Forte offers a broad selection of other custom engineered sailing and marine products, manufactured with Forte’s bullet-proof 4-Axis Continuous Fiber Braided Technology.
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