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"Strong, light and fairly priced ~ a good value! That's what our clients tell us about their Forte poles. And we appreciate having a reliable source of spinnaker poles to meet our clients' expectations. "
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Superior Technology
Forte uses 4 - Axis Continuous Fiber Braiding as a SUPERIOR and PREMIUM way to manufacture Carbon Fiber Tubing.
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Our Carbon Fiber Tubing and Carbon Fiber Products are custom built to our clients specifications. Each is unique and catered towards its use for long-lasting durability and superior crafstmanship.
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Fiberseal Composite Clad Wood Pilings

FORTE’s Proprietary and Proven Composite Process

What is “Fiberseal”?

Fiberseal is a ready- to-drive wood piling that features a tough, permanently-bonded, composite outer jacket . Fiberseal offers the best of both worlds – the advantages of fiber reinforced plastic and wood.

Introducing : The Fiberseal Process

Fiberseal is a composite cladding process used to manufacture non-leaching wood pilings and wales. Fiberseal products are used where CCA and creosote leaching timbers are not permitted usually because of environmental concerns.

The composite outer plastic jacket protects the treated wood timber from marine borers and abrasion while also protecting the environment from leaching of the wood preservative. The machine-applied, composite jacket is aesthetically pleasing and non-splintering.

At Forte, we have been formulating our own proprietary resins for over 10 years. The Forte formulary advantage gives us the ability to address the following:

  • Custom Color Match
  • UV stability
  • Flame retardants
  • Cold temperature crack resistance
  • Specific chemical resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Nano modifications for conductivity and grounding

 Fiberseal Construction/Manufacturing

  • Starts with a premium-quality, treated wood pile….. then
  • Simultaneously winds onto the pile a reinforcing/abrasion-resistant fiber along with the application of a highly-tenacious liquid plastic.
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The Chemistry of Fiberseal

Simply put, the liquid plastic resin coating is a plural-component, reactive plastic. It is formulated to withstand extreme conditions. Used in combination with reinforcing fibers, the result is a tenacious outer jacket bonded onto the wood surface of the piles.

Fiberseal Applications

Installation of Fiberseal Pilings: (the driving & handling of Fiberseal)

  • The transport, handling, placement, jet, drive and cutting are the same as with standard timber piles.
  • The Fiberseal outer jacket is tough enough to take the abuses of the construction process .
  • Once in place, a color-matching “field sealing kit” is available for pile tops and timber ends.
  • Unused piles can be stored just like standard timber piles.

Sizes and availability:

  • Standard tapered and non tapered piles up to 40’ length
  • Dimensional timbers for stringers and wales
  • All product is prepaid FOB Ledyard CT
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Industrial Applications:

  • Residential and commercial waterfront structures, where CCA leaching timbers are not permitted
  • Playgrounds and public park structures
  • Fuel loading facilities
  • Utility poles